Consumer Engagement, Acquisition and Retention

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When refining your approach to market, you need to understand where your objectives sit. We help companies Engage, Acquire and Retain customers more effectively through strategy, data and campaigns.

Strategy & Insight

We help companies in Retail, Manufacturing and Charities to develop effective strategies to engage consumers.

Life event marketing

Engaging with consumers relevantly is crucial, we help you target them at key life stages and events.

product launches

We help develop effective product launch marketing strategies designed to capture new & existing customers.


June 2017:
We're delighted to announce the release of our Virtual Vortex App, designed to improve ROI from your printed collateral.


Facts and figures about Marketing, Retail, Manufacturing and the Charity sector.

Insight & Strategy

To engage people you need to treat them as individuals, but how is that possible across hundreds, thousands or millions of people? At Varia we work with you to segment your target audiences based on how they behave, how they buy from you and what they want.

We develop data strategies to help you build useful information sets about your customers. We create interesting and relevant campaigns to engage, acquire and retain customers.

life event marketing

We all know timing is crucial. Engaging with consumers at exactly the right time can drive up purchases for brands that are relevant to what's going in that person's life.

We collate data sets and create highly targeted campaigns for people that are moving home, growing their families and other life events. The ROI from these campaigns is far higher than the traditional "spray and pray" approach.

product launches

Getting a new product to market quickly and effectively is important, and we work with manufacturers to help them launch new products. We can create targeted campaigns that drive in store footfall, with our partner T21 we provide in store, specially trained sales staff, and then add post purchase engagement mechanisms to drive cross sell and repeat purchases.

This creates measurable, tangible results from product launches and increases sales in the first quarter of a product launch.

The new Virtual Vortex App from Varia Solutions is a simple, scalable application, that is designed to capture consumer contact information. This drastically drives up the ROI of print campaigns, especially Door Drop and In Store POS.

It's fully GDPR compliant, and is simple and easy to use. It can be made to look just like your brand, and can link back to your main website to drive sales.

The Virtual Vortex can be applied to any print collateral, including Door Drop, In Store POS and Exhibition Stands. It uses a very simple mechanism to make sure the consumer gets a reward for sharing their information.

Furthermore, because it sits on our platform, it's a fraction of the cost of setting up a custom app.

It can integrate into your internal systems, including CRM, and has real time dashboard reporting so you can quickly see which geographical areas and demographics are working well.

We are launching at the EPIP event in London on July 4th 2017:

At Varia we are working with brands such as Sony, Sky and Hoover to uncover new opportunities for growth by engaging audiences in new ways.

We also work with retailers, such as Hughes Electrical, to drive footfall in store.

We pride ourselves in being at the leading edge of creative thinking and new technologies, as well as doing more with data, to drive growth.

Free newspapers deliver 3.5% more ROI, even greater returns can be found for the Finance and Travel sector.

According to the Royal Mail, using Email and Direct Mail in campaigns can increase redemptions by 32%.

Targeting people at key points in their lives can increased responses by a large percentage.