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SERVICES: Marketing Automation

Simple yet effective Marketing Automation

You’ve created a plan and strategy that now works for the engagement, acquisition and retention of your customers, but you now have to get that message deployed through a wide and disparate user base.

It’s difficult to keep brand consistency, and to instruct regional or pan European locations,  to execute your branding to your brand standards. Especially when campaigns, brand elements or offers expire, and you no longer want them available.

Varia’s Marketing Automation system allows multiple users from within any one organisation the ability to deploy multi-channel marketing communications based on centrally, pre-defined, templated and approved designs and workflows.

Whether it be a simple newsletter, or a sign up to an in-store promotion, or more complex email, pURL and printed execution, the Varia marketing Automation system holds your hand and helps you choose which pre-defined strategy works best for you. It’s much faster to deploy than traditional Marketing Automation and is specifically designed for disparate user bases.

Our platform takes all the stress out of multi-channel deployment and works best for organisations who have multi-site offices or locations (such as leisure companies), or Franchises or Charities that need to work more effectively at a local level with all the certainty of using marketing collateral that helps users keep on brand.

We can deploy SMS, Email, pURL landing page sign up of new users as well as ordering personalised print collateral that supports each localised use.

Want to make sure all your marketing collateral and messaging is kept on brand at all times, so why not look at our Marketing Automation solution, it could be all you need to ensure your brand is consistently deployed, and leverages the advantages of multi-channel communications.