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SERVICES: Multi Channel Delivery

To boldly go.

Silo approaches to marketing communications are showing diminishing returns on investment. So it’s no surprise that integrated approaches to marketing communication are showing increased levels of activity and return.

At Varia we have painstakingly created a strategy within the multi-channel discipline that has the best possible opportunity to bring maximum ROI to any marketing commination you deploy.

By combining personally relevant, data led initiatives across email, personalised landing pages (pURL’s) with personalised DM deployment and mobile and web applications we can see up to a 35% increase in uptake of offers or redemptions. Put video into your content as well and just watch the click throughs increase…..all part of the personally relevant, location based and connected strategies we pride ourselves on delivering.

That’s how Varia creates success of its customers taking them through the journey in how best to deploy on target messages, and we connect all of these things together, because to consumers, there are no barriers between digital, print and in-store engagement and interaction.

If you want to be more relevant and in better informed contact with your customers then we have some ideas that work, why not call, many people still use the telephone!

The Virtual Vortex

Having deployed numerous numbers of door drop, home movers, press insert type of marketing promotions, the one aspect that has challenged us and that of our customers is to assist them in achieving a greater and known ROI on these channels when taking their brand message and promotion to market – that’s why we built the Virtual Vortex Application.

This is a uniquely developed App, exclusive to Varia, brings an increased level of customer engagement through any format of printed collateral;

  • Newspaper and Magazine Printing
  • Dircet Mail
  • Door to Door
  • Point of Sale

Interaction is made possible through the creation of a compelling offer or reason to engage with your brand – and what’s more you can integrate it so that the consumer gets the same experience, from the same App if they engage with the campaign through social media channels on their phone.

All you have to do is think about the offer and how many people you would like to claim the prize, and we do the rest.

And the best bit……we will give you a unique login to your own campaign dashboard, so you can see the interaction of your campaign whenever you want across any browser based devise. Demonstrating where your initiative is working best, to allow for even better deployment as you refine the targeting of your core marketing message. You can run multiple campaigns on a single App, making it far more cost effective than developing your own.

In a recent packaging engagement offer from 750,000 products, a scan and data ratio of over 20% was achieved through the use of our approach……that’s over 150,000 pieces of compliant data of people that you never had on your database…….now how valuable is that?