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SERVICES: Data Management

How we approach Data.

We are absolutely passionate about our customers having great data, in order to be authentic and purposeful with your target audience, whether in a B2C or B2B environment.

By having great data we can make your communications be more P.L.C;  Personally Relevant, Location Based and Connected to the wisdom that you have of your target audience.

To do this your business needs to have a defined data strategy, and with the new GDPR compliance regulations coming into play by May 2018 there has never been better time to start.  It’s crucial to think long term about your data strategy, and we have a simple, yet effective approach that helps you understand what you have, and what you need to do to get the business growth you want.

If you are ready to approach and improve this aspect of your business then our experience is here to help you create a model and plan that will underpin how you approach your sales and marketing activity going forward.

Thanks very much indeed for such an amazing course today. The GDPR training was brilliant, very clear and informative – all presented in an inclusive and interesting way.
Hicky Kingsbury, Chief Executive Officer

Your comprehensive guide to embedding data protection and privacy by design

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The Four Whats?

We’ve broken down our approach to data into 4 simple categories;

  1. What You Know
  2. What You Don’t Know
  3. What you want to Know, and.
  4. What you going to do with what you know

These are the only things that you need to worry about when it comes to your data strategy;

What You Know is your Here and Now; where all your data is kept, and what information  you have about your customers. This gives us gaps in your knowledge, and this is the information that is required to have a more informed relationship with your customers. It gives us insight and a true understanding of who your customers actually are.

What You Don’t Know is the exciting part of this strategy development; thinking about all aspects of what you would like to understand and be knowledgeable about your customers, creating the objective of building your very own Utopian Data Set

What You Want to Know is the process of how you evolve and enrich your data, by means of marketing communications, offers and reasons for your customer to re-engage with your brand.

And once you have all that information, What Are You Going To Do With What You Know, it’s simple. It’s how you then use this knowledge to create very relevant, targeted communications that give your customers the reassurance that you are truly in touch with their needs and life stages, making them feel very engaged with your brand.

Data Profiling & Modelling (B2C)

So you think you know your customer profiles, who they are and their demographic & geographic profile? What if we could prove you wrong, or right?

We help our customers truly understand the individual profiles of their customers to either confirm what they think they already know, or be strategic in defining customer models that have never been part of their current target audience approach.

We do this by analysing permissible data you have and then process its content through our cross matching platform that gives us the ability to assess certain criteria, such as postcode, house value, age, life stage, family status objectives.

We can also clean and review across all industry standard platforms for deceased, change of address and opt out selections.

The outcomes can be surprising and informative, and once we know what we have (and what we want), we then can create buying personas aligned to your own products and services. This helps to ensure you talk to each and every person about your brand in a way that is relevant to their own status, and drive offers that have a greater ability to achieve that important engagement and acquisition process.

Oh, and if we need to go and purchase cold “net new” data of the same profile, then that is done with greater certainty of outcome than perhaps anything else you have tried before.

Having a purposeful and knowledgeable profile of your current and future customers means you will be already working at an advantage to the majority of your competition, so get in contact and we will show you how.