We are an outcomes driven business.

Whether you're looking to engage, acquire or retain customers, Varia has the right strategy for you.

Marketing communication strategies should be underpinned by the outcome you're looking to achieve to help you grow your business and increase Customer Lifetime Value.

Engagement Attracting customers to your brand and encouraging them to share their data with you gives you an organically growing, engaged database that drives higher conversion to purchase rates.

Acquisition Promotional driven and redemption driven sales tailored to your target customer audience drive higher conversions to purchase, creating a drip feed of new customers month by month.

Retention Leverage your existing customer data, expand the data profiles you have for each customer in order to create a larger customer lifetime value from tailored and personalised campaigns.

We provide strategic planning for marketing and data, as well as all the digital and print tools needed to execute the strategic plan. Our clients and case studies are the proof point of our success, demonstrating a wide and diverse execution of our skills to date.

If you are focused on creating better outcomes from your data and communication activities then Varia is worth talking to achieving greater ROI against your marketing and communication spend.

Our Services


Insight and Strategy

Varia gathers your requirements and helps you determine the best strategy needed to achieve the outcomes you’re looking for.


Data Management

Data is the new oil. The intelligent analysis and collection of data is at the heart of every successful communication campaign that Varia handles.


Multi-Channel Communication

When SMS, Email and Personalised Print are deployed in the right combination we achieve outstanding ROI on any marketing / communication project.


Retail Beacon Technology

Pushing a personal message to an individual when in the geographical location of a brand centric to their demographic profile creates outstanding results.


Marketing Automation

Combine email, direct mail, SMS and print seamlessly in one application. Campaign structure is predefined for fast implementation and full brand control across multiple locations.


E Commerce Development

A well-structured Web presence is absolutely essential in today’s commercial landscape and Varia can assist in delivering outstanding ROI on this format.


Print–Digital–Litho-Large Format

A strong medium for compelling engagement and interaction with you customers, Varia has an excellent pedigree in working within all print formats and technologies.


SEO Services

Need to unpick the magic of SEO? Our SEO experts live and breathe it in a way most of us can’t or wont.


Knowledge Base

Key decisions we make in business invariably are born from knowledge and understanding, the Varia blog is where we share some of our thinking


Varia helps you know more about your customer and allows you to target them directy via offline and online communications. Graham Reed CEO Varia


Meet Varia

  • Testimonial

    Graham Reed

    About Graham Reed

    Graham is both a visionary and evangelist for the Digital and Print Communication sector.

    Having working in the manufacturing, print management and now digital communications space for the last 30 years has given Graham and the business a rare depth and understanding of how the industry needs to support the evolving needs of the communication and marketing sector.

    A regular Keynote speaker at major international print and OEM seminars, he has seen from a global perspective the evolution that is taking place to effectively position combined and integrated communication solutions to the benefits of the customers Varia serves.

    Don’t invite him to dinner parties, as he can bore guests to death if asked what he does!!!!

  • Testimonial

    Darrell Mott

    About Darrell Mott

    Darrell Mott has specialised in SEO and Internet Marketing for over ten years.

    Still excited about the speed of change, the possibilities for businesses that are still untapped and achieving amazing results, Darrell focuses on helping businesses achieve their online objectives.

    Understanding a business, what makes it tick, and what drives the individuals who run the business to achieve more, is a key essential for achieving online success.

    Online marketing and SEO need to be a key ingredient of a company’s marketing plan; Darrell is here to ensure that the maximum results are achieved.

  • Testimonial

    Charlotte Graham-Cumming

    About Charlotte Graham-Cumming

    Whether you’re looking to engage, acquire or retain customers, you need a solid marketing strategy and approach that delivers growth and profit.

    I’ve worked globally with start ups, companies in high growth, and mature blue chip companies looking for transformational change.

    I am passionate about not only helping companies improve their brand, positioning and marketing, but ensuring they do so in a way that drives big improvements in their customer’s experiences.

  • Testimonial

    Stuart Cripps

    About Stuart Cripps

    Having worked in web site development, e-commerce and multi-channel applications for over ten years, Stuart has a rare ability to create system integrations across many applications resulting in the delivery of compelling solutions that many agencies do not have the ability to deliver.

    Conversant in Magento, Dotmailer and Pageflex applications, Stuart heads a team of well-defined IT professionals that have the capability to scope complex architecture to meet the requirements of our most discerning customers.

    Stuarts is passionate in every element of the Digital Communications industry which becomes apparent when working closely with him on a daily basis.

    We also supply an interpreter with Stuart when he gets too technical…….

  • Testimonial

    Peter Edmead

    About Peter Edmead

    Peter has a strong commercial background with great attention to detail on the finer aspects of the Digital and Print Communications sector.

    Having come from a traditional background in financial and city print Peter is one of the founding directors of Global Print Strategies, a Print Management company that has been trading for the last nineteen years.

    His experience is spread working on contractual and financial control for many large blue chip accounts, as well being key to several new business start-ups for the scoping and delivery of launch marketing support collateral.


“Complexity is your enemy. Any fool can make something complicated. It is hard to make something simple.” Richard Branson CEO Virgin


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